Friday, April 3, 2009

the rewd and lood piggy bank joke

OK, trying to PG this joke--its a good one:

It was the wife's birthday and the husband gave her a small box of chocolates he had gotten on sale after Halloween and some weedy looking flowers he had picked in the backyard. He apologized:
"Oh honey, we're just so broke this is all I could afford for your birthday!"
She replied: "That's OK dear, I understand"
He felt guilty, but had a brilliant idea:
"Hey, I got it! What if every time we ?????? I put a quarter into the piggy bank? I'd have TONS of money for your birthday next year!!!" She thought it was a great idea, and soon thereafter they ????? and the first quarter plinked into the piggy bank.
A year goes by and the husband picks up the bank on the morning of his wife's birthday: "WOW honey! I guess we sure did ?????? a lot this past year! The bank weighs a ton! I'll be able to buy you the best present!" She handed her husband a hammer and he smashed the bank open.
"Honey, wait a minute, what's this? There are plenty of quarters, but what's this? There's tens and twenties in here, even a one hundred dollar bill! Its a fortune! But I don't get it, where did all this cash come from?"
"Dear, not everybody is as cheap as you...."

(piggy banks by Gary Rith)


denis said...

i LOVE this joke!!!

Lynda said...

lol - love that gal!

Emily SIL said...

That's a good one!

Barbara said...

A piggy bank joke! Great way to start the day.

Anndi said...

hehehe I'm sending this joke to mah Honey. He ADORES pigs... but isn't cheap *grin*

Anonymous said...


In truth, one SIL & her hubby put a quarter in each time, and every year on their anniversary they had enough money to pay for a babysitter and a nice dinner out! (This was in the mid-1980's)

Real Live Lesbian said...

LMAO! Great one!

Farmer*swife said...

HAHAHA! Too funny! ;-)

Karen said...

Great joke, but I loves the piggy bank you have pictured here.