Friday, April 17, 2009

le piggies!

I awoke with a start: I really do have a hamster to care for!!! (a frequent dream I have is of a dream hamster, and sometimes I need to care for it and nurse it to health). The hamster I am hamstersitting though is quite fat and I left him last night with a bowl full of peppers and crunchies. The household also have a bunch of fish, one of whom the family told me had died just before they left (great, who is next???) and 3 cats. One cat I won't see all week. The grey one will come out from time to time and the fluffy young orange tiger will kill me with kindness. Tiger is the one to worry about: he is accustomed to a houseful of kids and people and will be terribly sad that I am not visiting all the time. I'll hang out there later, maybe watch something good like 'Reno 911' (I don't have a TV....).

So, the dreams. Poor Lucy, a student I know, had a baby and she along with her boyfriend and a few others were with me at a hotel dining room that was terribly snooty and also hosting a republican convention, and my BIG friend was hurling insults at the republicans and we were kicked out, AFTER they emptied our wallets. 180 bucks for dinner?????

(piggy cups etc by Gary Rith)


cookingwithgas said...

good grief charlie brown- those pigs are so damn cute- can I say damn?
And the hamster in his cowboy outfit!
You have the life....

Dr.John said...

Loved the cups.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Happy sweet piggies!
Does Lucy have a baby in real life, or did you just saddle her with one in your dream?