Saturday, April 4, 2009

a not very tasteful rock tee

If you lived in the Boston area from 1994-2006, as we did, you heard a lot of Godsmack on the radio. With good reason, local band sounds good then makes it big. I THINK they have been the best band of any for the last 10-12 years. An awesome mix of noise and anger, big guitars and big drums, call it hard rock, power metal, alternative metal, whatever. Did I mention NOISE?
I just ordered this rather awesome don't-wear-this-tee-to-your-mom's-house-on-mother's day t-shirt, and here they are live with Awake.


Anonymous said...

i like all that pushing and pulling

Janet said...

I was in Japan from '92 - '95, so I missed the Godsmack train...I didn't move back to the area til '97 and by then I was deep into R&B.