Tuesday, April 14, 2009

chop chop

(pots by Gary Rith, reverse chrono order)
Playing with toys.
Pottery that is half dry is like a block of cheese, and you can get a nice faceted effect with a cheese slicer.


Lynda said...

Man, oh, man... you learn something new everyday!

Anonymous said...

dig those curly handles

klineola said...

What if you got one of them bloomin' onion makin' things and modified just right so that you could put your pot's in there and do your faceting all in one swoop? Really Chop, Chop.

I tried the veg-a-matic, but it was sloppy, and underbuilt for stoneware! Maybe worth $10.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

you make it look easy!

celeste said...

Remind me never to have the cheese at your place.