Monday, April 20, 2009


My pal Lynda posted a rather good music clip from her church. NOT choral, an ensemble.
Got me thinking of the Christian band Creed who also happens to be a kick azz hard rock metal band, or would you say they are a hard rock and metal band who also happens to be Christian?
Oh my goodness, they are so good, you have to give them a listen.


red dirt girl said...


you did it. you really did it. you helped me overcome my YouTube aversion disorder - i listened! I LISTENED !! i lurve lurve Creed - and you picked two of my favorite Creed songs !!

Confession time: ummm ... this is soooo embarrassing .... my best girlfriend and i, both stately matrons in bubbletown, secretly plotted ways we could meet Scott Stap and fawn and ooo and awe over him ... she was ready to marry the guy! me ?? well .... errr .... i won't say. this is a family blog!

but we definitely would have packed groupie bags and hopped a bus if asked. politely asked, of course. we were MATRONS !


Lynda said...

Love these! Thank you :)

Lynda said...

I can't, however, CHOOSE between the two.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

there are some even MORE and better videos of them, unembeddable---somehow they are both hard rock, and earnest and honest, and kick azz and buff too....helluva bunch of Christians I'd say...

Anonymous said...

I hate this band......sorry. BUT I love Collective Soul which are also rumored to be "born again:.

Check em out!