Tuesday, April 14, 2009


(pots by Jim Gottuso)
So, yesterday Jim gets a package with a couple of my pots in it, and today I get a package with a couple of pots from Jim.
Damn. This stuff is amazing. Go to Jim's blog and spend some money, holy cats this is gorgeous.


Lynda said...

Wow! they are gorgeous!

kate et Jim said...

OMG! He's got some beautiful stuff. I love his blue bowl featured - made from Laguna clay? (Sp) but it's WOWZO!!!

Yes, yes - your pottery is beautiful too, Gary....geez - I can hear you all the way down here! lol. :)

Amy said...

yes, how true. You look like you're in awe and speechless! And you got two? Someday I want to acquire a piece of pottery from all of my blogger pals.

Amy said...

buy the pottery from each, that is.