Wednesday, April 29, 2009

chop chop and kitten Le Blob

(pottery in process by Gary Rith)

So, I was asking myself, "what happens if you chop our the middle on a round pot and make a wide oval???" and as you saw a few days ago, the first one, a teapot looked TRES GOOD. I like this mug here but REALLY like what this vase became, a really pretty flared out oval.
It is kinda tricky hacking the middle out of a piece, because it has to be still a little soft, but you need it stand up firm....well, tis fun actually. And esp. fun to try new forms.
Here is me and our fat old kitten.

(Emily, our chubby 15 year old kitten--she is cross eyed and not terribly smart either, but super cuddly and sweet)


Lynda said...

Gary, that vase is amazing! Amazing Vase, how sweet the sound...better make it a heavenly color ;-)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Boy, that tall one would hold just the right amount of beer, eh?

Kitty, kitty! Look at the little-wittle kitty-tat! Adorable!

Linda Starr said...

Great demo and great pots. Not many kitties will let you pet their stomach without scratching, she looks so calm. Love your top header with the before and after glazed.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Emily has been treated like a ragdoll since she was a wee little thing, and is used to it!!!

Emily SIL said...

Emily sure knows how to mug for the camera.

red dirt girl said...

i'm lovin' le chop, chop .... such fun results! innovative! i love watching someone get creative out here. it's a vicarious thrill ...