Sunday, April 19, 2009

Love is like Oxygen

Remember this dumb song? Missus WhoopiePie was talking about Spike the cat and her love for him and I started singing this:
"Love is like oxygen,
get too much you get too high,
too little and you're gonna die..."
man, that is cr@p lyrics, but somehow so catchy. You can blame me for the earworm.


Anonymous said...

Hey, great song that! ;-) The lyrics sounded very deep and meaningful when I was in my early teens. So deep I actually remember the words. Should be: "not enough and you're gonna die". Have a good one and thanks for the walk down memory lane. Miri

Anonymous said...

earworms indeed, i still haven't recovered from "the heat is on" post from last week post. i whistled it all day and was getting strange looks from all who heard.