Sunday, April 19, 2009

le FIRST family

Now there's a FAMILY. They make me feel happy, head to toe, and the dog is a cutie.

I happen to be hamster-cat-fish sitting, and in a way, it isn't going very well. I know these pets and see them all the time. But, um, the fish tank is super cloudy and one of them died before the family left, and I don't think the remaining crew is very healthy. The hamster, whilst not exactly unfriendly, is much like my dream hamster: not exactly cuddly like a beagle or a sweet cat. 2 of the 3 cats I am caring for are friendly, but um, they seem to have FLEAS. I got a bite. So now I have the creepy-crawlies every time I go over there and quickly (and not very snuggly of me) take care of the food and all and leave. The cats are lonely, usually I play and hang out, and they miss people, but I DO NOT want to bring home fleas. Last night I dreamt one of their cats was on my lap and had huge bugs all over it, ewww! Family returns today.
Here is a bunch of piggy banks!


A said...

The Obama's ability to radiate joy is a much appreciated quality in these economically difficult times Gary.

red dirt girl said...

piggies -
i like the two in the far back: the green one with the funny rolled eyes and the blue one with its quizzical expression.

are they in your etsy shop?
excited! me !!


Anonymous said...

They are a beautiful family, aren't they? And I love that the girls still have chores to do each day.

Sorry about the fleas. Now I'm itchy!!

Tink said...

I saw the Obama's dog last week! Sasha was running it around the yard for about a minute. You should have seen the security around the joint. It was so cool. But of course, it was too far away to get a good shot of.

Anonymous said...

EWWWW........I'm feeling itchy