Thursday, April 9, 2009

yin and yang

(Spike and Emily await their din din)
Thanks to Letterman, top ten signs your cat is a wee bit chunky:

Instead of "meow," says "moo"

Takes 3 days to lick himself

Always stuck in the cat door

Has nine lives and ten chins

He has had more heart attacks than Dick Cheney

Have to get special extra-large flea collars from "Big & Tall Feline"

Instead of yarn ball, plays with meatball - wow, that is one fat cat

Only thing he's curious about is when Domino's stops delivering

When he goes outside, people say, "Can I get your autograph, Mr. Gore?"

Next month, he's doing a full hour with Dr. Phil


Gordo said...

LOL .. Great header pic of Penny. :-)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...


Barbara said...

Yes, but very cute doggie freckles.

red dirt girl said...

45. but i feel like 28 ....


Chameleon@CoffeeBreak said...

Awww, cats! Adorable! I'm dropping by because I'm looking for a new coffee mug by holding a contest over at my blog (yeah, I know, it would be sooo much easier to just BUY one) and someone suggested I check your shop. Personally, I'm hoping someone actually ENTERS one of your mugs in Great Coffee Mug Hunt so I'll have an excuse to buy one and write it off as a "business expense".

Lynda said...

That was funny :-)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Cleopatra has dropped most of her winter weight and is getting back to her usual warm-weather sleek self. It's all about the great outdoors!

On the other hand, she thinks that Spike & Emily kitten have a charmed life. :)

Aunt Jackie said...

Hahah cute... Happy Easter, hope you all get a long weekend and enjoy.