Monday, April 27, 2009


(pottery by Gary Rith)
I was so tired last night I didn't get a picture of the sale itself. Monday-Thursday this week we have the Cornell Pot Shop show and sale in the gallery in Willard Straight Hall. The Pot Shop is in the lower level, gallery is on the street level.
Anyway, due to a SNAFU we were to set up this exhibit at 4 on Sunday but there was a band, catering, beers and the rest in the gallery. Taken over by a fraternity group or something, and we finally got them kicked out before 6 (the floor was STICKY) and got set up. These pots here had come right out of the kiln into the sale and look tres good. I will be over at the sale most of Thursday running the cash register.
So, we set up, I was tired and started home, and saw all these brightly flowered trees in the twilight!


Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

Your pots look great- and don't you love spring! I can't believe the temp out there!

Lynda said...

The teapot teapot is wondeful... so are the frog bowls, and the mugs... too many from which to choose!

Werner Sun said...

The sale is a Gary Rith extravaganza! Everyone should check it out!