Friday, April 24, 2009

Five favorites on Friday

Lynda has this thing going on Friday. Five favorties, what a fun game! You can play too. Either list your five favorites in comments here or do it yerself on yer own blog. But let us know.
She tells us this week 'favorite design'. WELL! Obviously I love sock designs, and so first, of course, you have argyle, then you have striped....and I wish I had polka dot (none in my drawers at the moment) and I wish I had cheetah print and tiger stripe, YEAH!


Lynda said...

Sock it to me!

I should've listed my heart-shaped mugs... they are perfection too!

Farmer*swife said...

This is hard for me. Favorite design in what category... Clothing, fabric patterns, pottery, room decor, furniture...

I know, I make it hard sometimes. If it where pottery I'd say Gary Rith's:

Piggie tea set (the light green one I love)
Heart mugs and candle holders
Wavy groovy mugs
critters in the bottom of the dish
pencil critters


Happy FWFD!

Anonymous said...

pale ales
van morrison

red dirt mule said...
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red dirt mule said...


you are ONE kool kat! i, ummm, could not stop at 5 ..... so i ended up with --- 15 ???? c'mon, it's SOOO HARD to pick your 5 favorite garden designs of all time!!

i posted their pix.

@jim: you forgot t.s. eliot. though i appreciate your passion for avocados. i do.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


red dirt mule said...

well .......
i'm known to be excessively over-the-top ... !!!

hey - i've been thinking 'bout your socks:

a sock hop?
sock puppets?
(umm.. spike might not play along)
the great sock monster that always eats just one of a pair?
a sock monkey (always bought one for each child!)
in canada they use the sock bank
knee highs? athletic? crew? anklets?
and i read about this kids activity: walk around outside in their socks, where there might be seeds. then go inside, cut your sock to flatten it and 'plant' it in a plastic lined shoebox. seed side up. see what sprouts. VOILA'

bon vivant!!

Kimberly said...

my dog running
I find inner peace
and I don't regret.

Ok..its not a very good haiku but its 1 favorite thing I can think of readily.

Both Sides of Ben Marlan said...

fav designs. hmm:

Lets see.
1) orderly: Frank Stella
2) random (seeming): Brice Marden
3) perfected: placement of points of interest on a woman
4) pleasing: gary's frog pottery in the wondow of handwork (i think thats yours, right GR?)
5) functional: large predatory cats, their bodys are an absolute design wonder

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

well Ben, not mine YET amigo, hopefully in a week!

Emily SIL said...

I think Spike is on my list of five favorites, too. That list also includes my own kitties, Hurricane Annabelle and Little Miss Maude. The other two? Why Penny and Buster, of course!