Tuesday, April 28, 2009

heavy metal smackdown

Yesterday evening me and Missus Tortilla Surprise are walking the beagle past our corner and a large pickup truck with flames on the side pulls up, driven by a young woman, blasting Godsmack. (oh goodness, I love Godsmack) YOU ABSOLUTELY have to LOVE summertime.
That, of course, got me thinking.
Mastodon and their song Oblivion is all over the radio here and then I read about how big they are in the newspaper. Oblivion sounds a lot like Ozzy Ozbourne. You watch the video of them live and you think "this is a bunch of demonic hillbillies, and didn't Rob Zombie do that ten years ago?". I dunno, the newspaper says they might be the future of heavy metal, I think I will wait and see.
RED, on the other hand, is also getting a lot of airplay around here lately, and I like their sound a lot more. They don't look like demonic hillbillies either, simply demonic. Have a listen to both.

Red, death of me.

Mastodon and Oblivion (no video, just the cd single)

Oblivion live, doesn't sound as good to me as the studio cut.

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Miss Heather said...

Mastadon is pretty good. Never heard it before. :) Lead singer has a great voice!