Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A WORD ABOUT CLASS and trashy styles

People sometimes forget the second mission of this blog, the trashy gossip side. Why yes, I live on trashy gossip.
This morning, Missus Tastycake brought to my attention the fact that Kate Beckinsale was photographed wearing horrid jeans, a rasta hat and HEELS. Holy cats, that's disgusting. Kate Beckinsale is one of pottersblog's favorite friends.

I mean, you expect Britney to look like a trashy tart.

But Kate? She is total class and beauty.

So, KATE WHY OH WHY the rasta hat and heels????????

AND why isn't she in the latest Underworld movie, and why isn't her husband directing????


Tink said...

Even I have a crush on Kate. The latest Underworld movie was decent. I was a little freaked by how much the new girl looks like Kate though. It took 20 minutes for Hoop to figure out it WASN'T Kate. :)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Sounds like a cheap copy to me. :(

J said...

Hey, its KATE. She could be wearing a Hefty bag and a sombrero and I'd still be loving on her.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


Gordo said...

Umm, Gary. Isn't the Kate-like character in the new Underworld flick supposed to pre-date Selene?

She's married?! Oh, damn. Wait, so am I. Nevermind. :-P

celeste said...

White shoes? After Labor Day? Puh-lease.

g said...

Kate looks way better than Britney.

I confess to previously having a totally irrational obsession with Britney - it was because she lived near me and shopped in my grocery stores, and I would always see paparazzi photos of her in the parking lot.

Then she went crazy and it was too compelling to turn away from.

But I have to confess, it was only after about 3 months of following her shenannigans that I actually listened to her music and watched her videos - i was actually totally unfamiliar with her public personna, all the time I was following her tabloid history! Weird.

Miss Heather said...

Yeah, the new Underworld is a prequel to the other two, before Selene even existed. That's why it's a different girl (and that Kate B. didn't want to do another one). :)

Plus, I agree... it's KATE BECKINSALE! I don't care what she's wearing, she's hot... and Michael agrees!

Anndi said...

White heels AFTER Labour Day?


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Not only trashy, but white heels after Labor Day? I hope her mother doesn't catch wind of this!