Friday, February 13, 2009

le class and le life

(hippo gear by Gary Rith)

I dreamt I was becoming an animal doctor, a veterinarian. That's a new one!
Good class last night, everybody around here is so darn smart. All these atronomers, engineers, mathematicians and such taking my class and learning to make wicked cool pots.

SPEAKING of which, look what came in the email this morning:

Hi Gary,

I was looking at your blog and was interested to see the picture of you in the Cornell University Pot Shop. Back in the fall of 1966, I started learning about pottery in the old pottery shop at Cornell, which I seem to recall was in the student union. That was an introduction to a wonderful craft (art?) that has stayed with me since that time. All through my academic career in biomedical science I made pottery. Sometimes only a few pieces in a year, and at other times, I was quite productive. All of those years, I remembered my introduction to clay while I was a graduate student at Cornell with the late Dr Miriam Salpeter. Now, after being retired for over ten years, I have more time to make pottery in my two studios, one (the summer studio) in Ohio, and the other (the winter studio) in Arizona. Now, I am probably more active in creating pottery than ever before, and hope to continue to do so into the future. If you have time to look at my website and blog you will see that my work continues to grow. The sites are at: and

Best wishes and congratulations on keeping the interest in pottery going among the Cornell students.

Colin Budd

I tell my students they will one day smarten up and chuck science and become potters.

Below, 2 of my students getting into it....


denis said...

what a great letter. dr. budd is also an excellent potter and seems like a cool guy.

Lynda said...

Wow - what a wonderful letter and I agree with denis - Colin Budd is a nice potter, too. Gary, the hippo items are just amazing. I love the little hippo on the lid. I might....

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

What a lovely email. And I love your idea that the students will smarten up, chuck science, and become potters!

kate et jim said...

Wow Gary - This Colin Budd has some really great stuff, eh??? Very nice indeed.

So nice of him to e-mail you.

Anonymous said...

So.... did you tell him what YOU were doing in the fall of 1966? ;)