Saturday, February 28, 2009

today at the pot shop....

(pots by Gary Rith and Rafiki dog)
My pal in California Cheri has a daughter with a rather wonderful dog named Rafiki. Am I blowing any surprises if I post to the world that Cheri ordered a Rafiki cookie jar? He is very handsome, and I am pleased to make a Rafiki cookie jar. I had to add the extra little doggies to the sides for that modern decorative look. I use brown clay at the Cornell Pot Shop, and threw these before class and they dried while I taught and then I could finish them after class. A student asked when I am going to teach making little animales, but I said "I have my secrets". But then I ruined it by telling her some of my secrets.
Norah, seen below, is interesting. Norah got her degree as an engineer then started the doctorate degree in chemistry and has become a potter along the way and now runs the kilns for the studio, plus other stuff. I am not smart and all I can do is make little pots. Norah has perfect SAT scores, advanced degrees in difficult subjects and makes kick a$$ pots, but the really mind blowing thing is that she is ALWAYS cheerful and friendly. Some people can do it all, right?


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Norah rocks! I would like for Laura to meet her. Laura's favorite subject is chemistry, and Laura loves making pottery! In fact, Laura wants to teach chemistry someday. I think Laura and Norah (whose names rhyme!) would be good friends.

I will have Laura take a look at this post in the morning for inspiration.

Back to the cookie jar: It is faboo!

I hope Courtney doesn't mosey over here and peak, but we'll take our chances because you really must show off that cookie jar and how much it looks like darling Rafiki!

Patricia Griffin said...

Cheri is going to love her Rafiki jar!

kcinnova said...

I can't wait to see the Rafiki cookie jar in all of its glazed glory!

Norah sounds wonderful, and with pots as a happy work in her life, she will have great stress relief. She must be very balanced.

Gordo said...

Norah sounds like a great person to know. She also already knows that attitude is 90% of everything.