Friday, February 20, 2009

I AM a crabby clam, or I was for awhile

ME being a crabby clam yesterday morning. As I said, the kiln broke down 200 degrees short of finishing on Weds. eve. and it is terribly upsetting. It breaks down a few times a year, darnit. I won't say I hate my kiln, but it is tempermental.
So as you see below I tear the thing apart, wires everywhere and run a test and find that what I repaired in October is FINE, the upper heating elements, but now the lower are kaput. The elements and wires look OK, but I am betting the relay is blown. So I call the suppliers and order a relay, plus a spare (I try to have spare parts on hand to avoid delays like this).
Later in the day I am at the Cornell studios talking to the director and the kiln there had blown a relay AND a fuse the day before. Andy orders spare relays by THE DOZEN. That kiln is a lot more tempermental than mine, which is perversely reassuring.
BUT anyway, the fun part was that 16-20 pieces of mine had been fired at Cornell and look gorgeous and I will start posting pics of them later.
And speaking of later, Ben comes over later to mess around with clay and drink bourbon. There will be pictures I am sure.


celeste said...

Pictures of the bourbon.

denis said...

if ever my furnace malfunctions i'll call ya.

Anonymous said...

And then you got mad and punched and twisted a pot.
Oh, wait... you meant to do that! LOL

Save that first pic for next week's WWC: Expressive Faces.

Gordo said...

I love those bottles, Gary. :-D

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I'm sorry about your kiln troubles. That thing is high maintenance sometimes, huh?

Have a fun evening.

Jessica said...

Perfect imitation of a crabby clam! Sorry about your kiln!

Lynda said...

Gary, if I remember when I get home, I am going to take a photo of a painting in my house - I swear I think he used Penny on that rug as a model... Don't let me forget!!

Jeannette St.G. said...

Yeah, I just knew this would be upsetting to you - you're still taking it well though - see it as a break for focusing on other things, maybe?
After 5? I'll be cooking dinner, and then maybe go to Borders with hubby to drink a cup of coffee and read. Life in the city is different - all our friends are an hour's drive away - when we schedule getting together, no one has anything open till 3 weeks further! It has to be an emergency for friends to come over in less than that (really). have a nice different weekend!