Friday, February 6, 2009

hey, this thing pours great!

(hippo creamer by Gary Rith)
I tend to assume that if you are pouring out a mouth and through teeth that you will have a drippy mess, but NOOOO! My wife asked why I never test these sorts of thing, but assume they will be a drippy mess, so you know I actually had to try one. I suppose it would be obvious to some people.
(click down a couple stops to see hippo creamer and sugar together)


Michelle said...

Aww...and it's so bloody cute! Did you ever see the IKEA commercial about a little cow creamer?

It bothers me I can't find the north american version of this ad because, in Canada anyway, he actually says, "little creamer" instead of "mocha milker".

Ah...nonetheless, it's a sad little commercial. It's wasteful to smash even tacky little things. :(

Farmer*swife said...