Wednesday, February 11, 2009

le dungeon

As I say, we live in a VERY old house, which was originally a log cabin, later expanded here and there into a two story house painted purple with wasabi accents.
As you see below, the house was made of LOGS and river stones. From the river 120 feet away.
I hate mixing glazes, because there are messy powders all over blahblah blah. What you do is order 50 lb bags of dry powders, like silica or talc, and put them somewhere, and then later, according to your recipes, measure them into buckets of water, sieve them, then later slap the mixture onto pots.
So, I have a BEAUTIFUL studio, and down under it? A (could be worse) dank and dark basement with a door to outside. The heater and water pump are done there, plus a lot of spider webs and (I hope not!) snakes, to judge by the occaisional snake skin. It is dry and not as dirty as 150 years could be. This is where I keep my clay, because the temps are good all year, and also my glaze mixing operation. ALL those nasty bags of powders.
Anyway, mixed some glazes today, because it was warm out, the snow melting, and I use the outside hose to wash my equipment. I have some experiments going, so wish me luck, results probably fired by Sunday.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Snakes? Fo' realz?

I still want my own dungeon. It could come in handy as Laura approaches adolescence.

Susan as herself said...

How convenient that the temperature is right for the clay all year round. Brilliant!

Hilary said...

Experiments.. dungeon.. it's a Frankenstein Stein, isn't it? ;)

Anonymous said...

The SnakeMaster thinks your dungeon is cool!

And it does remind me of a few homes around here, that also started as log cabins and were added onto over the years.

Farmer*swife said...

I bet that's where they used to mix their moonshine, huh?

Nice place, Dr. Hyde! ;-)

Ron said...

Good luck w. the experiments. Nice to have a dungeon.All my glaze stuff is outside in a shed. Dust to the wind though, which is good I guess.

Anndi said...

Chicklet says that stuff is cool... she also wonders if you took pictures of the snakeskins LOL

Knight said...

I think I know why your crazy old drug dealing neighbors were stalking you. They probably thought you were starting your own meth lab and didn't want the competition!