Sunday, February 8, 2009

fried cat

Isn't Spike the worst? No. He is totally sweet and a wonderful and friendly kitty.
One of the quirks of this old house is that there is a heater that blasts out from under the stove into the kitchen. I love our house, I love our heater, but anyway, the stove gets warmed up in the process. You know how cats are. So, this was the second time I found him sleeping there. You can see below I kicked him off and he is sleeping with Penny in the hot air flow on the floor. (I am confidant now that NOBODY will ever come over to my house for dinner ever again....)

I have a boatload of pots just fired at the Cornell studios, but only one was unloaded yesterday. This cute elephant bowl down below.

In other news, let's talk nightmares. Not exactly nightmares. But dreams of the 'I missed my calculus exam' or 'I was giving a speech in the nude' type dreams. I have a new recurring dream (other than hamster dreams, college studying dreams etc) which is based on the truth.
Last night I dreamt for hours about loading our Uhaul, and the seemingly endless boxes and stuff we actually DID pack and load into a Uhaul 3 years ago this month. The whole moving process, which somehow little me and my tiny wife did by ourselves only, took two months, but the truck packing started early the morning of Feb 27, 2006 and ended about midnight---Uhaul's BIGGEST truck. As I say, it went fine, but that was a loooong f###ing day. The next day we sold our New Hampshire house, pocketed the fat little check, grabbed our 3 dogs and cats and drove 6 hours to my parents' house in New York, where we lived for a month until we moved into the purple house. Which was totally easy and took 2 months and a van, VOILA!


kate et jim said...

So exactly 'why' is there a heater under the stove??? Was that room perhaps, not, the original kitchen?

Man - Spike sure is big, isn't he?

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Spike is HUGE!
We have heating ducts that go nowhere and others that pop up in very odd spots. OLD HOUSE!

Jay said...

Crank that stove up!

I'm kidding! I keed, I keed.

denis said...

3 years already!!! how time flies!

Emily SIL said...

Cats really know how to find the warm spots and exploit them. Years ago, when I had my first cat, I used to have my TV cable box on top of the television. This made it possible for my late Pepper (aka "Mr. Schwartz") to curl up on top of it because it was a nice warm spot. He was a rather large cat, but he balled himself up as small as he could and willed himself to fit the dimensions of the cable box. I would sometimes come home from work to find the television on because he'd inadvertantly pressed up against the power button on the cable box. (I don't think he knew how to use the remote). But at any rate, it used to spook me to come home to a television playing when I knew I'd turned it off. But hey, I'm sure the cat had no regrets.

Jessica said...

I was just about to say, man, Spike is sure huge! :D lol