Wednesday, February 18, 2009

le coffee joke and birthdays

(Missus Tastycake, the light of my life, the center of my soul, the inspiration for my (future) tattoo)

So the joke goes like this:
"Would you like a cup of coffee?"
"No thanks. When I drink coffee I can't sleep."
"Funny, for me its the other way around. When I am asleep, I can't drink coffee."

SO, Missus Tastycake has her birthday coming up, on March 1. She probably doesn't want me writing about it, but she is off trimming her nails. She doesn't turn 50 this year, but let's just say that this is the LAST year she will be in her 40s. Damn fine looking woman, esp. considering how old she is.

My pal Heather has her birthday today, and I am actually cooking up an interesting project today. I need to glaze and make cats, but I also need to try out this recipe Kate sent me for a 3 minute chocolate cake. Stay tuned!


Lynda said...

Happy early birthday to the Missus! I just left that age and it's wonderful! I am sure we'll be hearing about a fabulous gift around March 1st :-)

Mrs. P said...

I am off doing WHAT? You are in big trouble, mister.

Farmer*swife said...


denis said...

you mean she's going to be 29, right? you were never the best at math.

fiwa said...

LOL! Happy early birthday, Mrs. P!
I'm gonna get sappy for a minute - you two, reading about all the fun you have together, makes me smile every day. Thanks for that. :)

ML said...

Everybody should be so lucky as to be looking that gorgeous on their whateverth birthday, somewhere between here and there, numbering no numbers but very definitely naming a beautiful blonde named Maude! Must be she's a happy potter's happy wife, ya think?

Anonymous said...

If I were Maude, I would be happy to share my age, because no one would believe it! She looks great. :)

Jessica said...

Happy early B-day to the missus! :)