Saturday, February 21, 2009

me, Lucy and Norah

(pots by Gary Rith)
So I am over teaching the beginner's class at Cornell this morning and I said in the post below, that green glaze which is new to me is so luscious I need to make pots that make use of it and so I was doing that before and after a rather excellent class. Lucy below in the blue is the class assistant and her work kicks a$$, here she is with part of a pot she is making which will be 20-25 inches tall--huge, she is very skilled. Norah on the right is a chemical engineer and that sort of thing but also operates the kilns for the sake of the studio and her work kicks a$$ too and so it has been a most congenial day amongst lotsa students and other potters.

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Peter said...

It must induce such fulfilling emotions working with these talented people Gary.

The more I browse your blog, the more I forget about my selfmade ash-tray, although I still love the metallic pigment I once used.
I can't recall the name, but somehow that seems not all that important right now.