Friday, February 20, 2009


(cups by Gary Rith)
So, at the Cornell studios there is a glaze I decided to try, and it is a stunner. A clear and shiny pale green. I am totally excited, and need to go over there this morning to teach the beginning class, plus I need to make more stuff for this glaze.
Still don't have parts for my kiln repair.
There is a mural in downtown Ithaca on a store's wall that is stunning, and this little cat is just part of it. The whole thing is beautiful, so beautiful it seems a shame to let the rain and snow wear it down! I should get a shot of the whole wall.

I had some messages from a dude in London, Ontario which got me thinking about ten years ago (TEN YEARS AGO ALREADY?) and when Kittie came out, a group of sisters and high school girls from London, ONT that made ULTRA-heavy metal music (video below) which of course reminded me of other ultra-heavy metal music on the radio at that time...warning: even though some of these tunes can be found on ring tones, these are not videos everyone would enjoy.

Rob Zombie "Living dead Girl" and Korn "Falling Away from Me".

Kittie 'brackish' from the album 'Spit'


Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I like green! Light green like that. But, I still hold a loyalty and love for that green on the piggy tea set!

Have you sold that one yet? Just curious because it is so adorable!

Anonymous said...

You are right, that is a stunning glaze! I might be distracted by shiny things... and, oh, look! Turtles, froggies, inchworms!

I'm too old for ULTRA-heavy metal, although I have some old hs classmates who still listen to it. Maybe it's a guy thing?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

why yes, probably TIS a guy thing and that teaset sold last fall!

Lynda said...

Oh, I love blue and green together - very nice! And that green is gorgeous :-)

Jessica said...

Living Dead Girl might be my favorite Rob Zombie song!

And that green is very nice!

G said...

Green is my favorite pottery color as long as it isn't dark green.