Friday, February 6, 2009

The Killers

Four years ago you were blown away by The Killers. Kind of hard hitting and fast paced and original sounding. Then they grew beards and produced two totally cr@ppy pop albums. My wife asked (re: the lead singer, Brandon something or other),
what is wrong with being handsome Boys, say it ain't so! Take us back to

Mr Brightside


Crafter of Khnum said...

You are up too early! Go back to bed!

Jessica said...

haha! NICE! :)

redroomsalon said...

Thank you for reminding me the goodness of the Killers. I saw them two KROQ Acoustic Christmases ago, and just wasn't that blown away. Now they are headlining Saturday night at Coachella, and well, you have renewed my faith in them, maybe I will check them out rather than ignore them!