Thursday, February 12, 2009

Le Class

(class last fall)

My classes start again today at the Cornell University Pot Shop. They are non-credit and anybody can take them. I am told we are paid better than the aerobics instructors which makes me realize that non-credit instructors on a short-term contract are VALUED.

Advanced today at 4, beginners Saturday at 10:30. The studio has a syllabus for the beginner's, but I don't like it, so I plan to rewrite it by Saturday. Here is what advanced is going to do this spring.

Advanced with Gary Rith


Class is, roughly:

4-4:30 demo by me---I try to throw the topic du jour and then use a leather hard piece to finish, so you know how to start and finish an item
4:30-5:30--guided practice--I try to help students make their projects---some people don't like a teacher over their shoulder bugging them, some do, so I try to figure you out

1-bowl, plate, cylinder---plus hello, who are you?
2-handles, oh so many handles---plus show and tell
5-pitchers and GOBLETS, why not?

I can mix it up a little, and I want to add demos of your questions

I am also in the studio working from time to time. Feel free to ask for help. I can be fairly nice sometimes.


Farmer*swife said...

That is great. You are a very approachable instructor. No wonder everyone loves your class. I wish I could take your class.


Jerry said...

Just from following your blog, it seems like you would be a great, enjoyable teacher. Your students are lucky.

Jessica said...

Aw, that sounds like a great class! Wish I could take it!

ML said...

Me, too, me, too!!! I wanna take your class, too. Oh, boohoo! I wanna. And, seriously, I'm severely jealous of the fun I know your students can look forward to! Lucky, lucky ducklings!
Only one thing I wish it were possible to do with your wonderful cat! Whiskers!!! What cat is worth its salt without its whiskers proudly bristling each side of its face? I frequently have to stop and admire Momma Kitty's. They're so PROUD!

Crafter of Khnum said...

From what I recall of the work produced by my beginners ceramics throwing class...

Week One -- Make a dog bowl, have at least three pieces fall apart and end up in the scrap clay pile to be re-wedged for next week.

Week Two -- Attempt to trim the dog bowl, attempt to make four coffee cups, where only two sort of work. Re-wedge failures for next week.

Week Three -- Trim the coffee cups, and pull wonky looking handles on them. Attempt to throw a cylinder, and make it into a vase. Re-wedge failures for next week.

Week Four -- Glaze the dog bowl, attempt to make a bowl or a plate. Re-wedge failures for next week.

Week Five -- Glaze the coffee cups, Trim the vase, attempt to make something you haven't made yet. Re-wedge failures for next week.

Week Six -- Glaze the vase, trim whatever you made last week and slip glaze it wet. Use up the remains of your clay, or sell it to someone who's taking the class next term.

I would love to come over and throw some mud with you.

Ron said...

Oh Gary I bet you are the best teacher ever. (Well I'm pretty good myself, but I don't know how to make those pigs) Looks like your students love you.

Anonymous said...

Wishing I could pop up there for a class! :)