Friday, February 6, 2009


I I I,
my pal Lynda has this I thing going on, so learn a little more about me, then maybe copy and paste a little I over at your place?

I live: in New Yawk, actually, but way up here in Ithaca, I am just as close to Toronto as the Bronx, and few of us Tawk like New Yawkers

I work: for myself making ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I also work for Cornell as an instructor of pottery, which actually has little more prestige to the university than the people making sandwiches in the deli, but it makes me feel important.

I smell: clean and sweet.

I listen: better than I used to, I try I try, because as the wise person said, we have 2 ears and one mouth so maybe we should listen to others better?

I hide: from groups of people, oh YES I do.

I walk: the little beagle many times a day and will finish this and take her to the playground

I write: this blog, that's IT

I sing: hahahaha, yes, indeed I do, "do you believe in miracles, you sexy thang..."

I can: wiggle my nostrils

I watch: music videos

I daydream: about soft warm spring days

I want: to be a HEAVY METAL DRUMMER yeah baby!

I cry: when my dogs or cats die

I read: loads, the papers, blogs, New York Magazine, The New Yorker, and stacks of library books too

I love: my sweet little wife, smooch baby!

I rode: a pony when I was a baby and wanna ride again sometime SOON

I sometimes: make little pizzas for lunch, on pita, or like today, on a couple of slices Italian bread and it is totally tasty

I fear: a Katrina type thing or worse for me, my house, and family

I hope: that my life continues on this merry little NON-Katrina happy go lucky way

I eat: no animals or animal products. Well, except for honey and the occaisional egg.

I play: with CLAY YAY!

I miss: my first dog Petey

I forgive: I try to forgive myself for not being a better person sometimes, but maybe I should just always try to be the best person I can be

I drive: very cautiously

I lost: my innocence when I was.....

I dream: woohoo, too much, too vividly

I kiss: I wish people wouldn't try to kiss me. My wife is a great kisser, but everybody else, no air kissies, no cheek kissies, leave my ears alone, stay back! Except my dogs and cats. I love kissing their soft little heads and ears.

I hug: ::shudder:: stay away from me. I'll hug my wife, but everybody else back off. Except my dogs and cats, I squeeze them tight and kiss their soft little ears.

I have: no recollection of ......

I remember: I try not to remember anything. Onward HO!

I don't: take things seriously at all..

I believe: in my wife. She's special.

I owe: nothing to anybody. Can you believe it? We may be poor but we have NO DEBTS of any kind to anybody, phlllbbbt!

I know: that 2009 is an exciting year. For pottery and politics.

I hate: walking on snowy and slick streets when idiot drivers are swerving all over the place. I also hate it when magaizines pop all those little cards in there that fall out.

I wish: that the economy would settle down, dammit.

I wear: old jeans and an old flannel shirt EVERY SINGLE DAY.

My ex: harharhar, wouldn't you like to know????

People would say that I'm: shy but mucho friendly once you get to know me.

I don't understand: conservatives. Who wants to go BACK?

Life is full of: funfunfunfunFUN!

My past is: dead and buried.

I get annoyed when: see above, re: magazine inserts.

Parties are: best avoided. Invite me, sure, that makes me feel good, but watch out, I will probably be too anxious to attend. I was invited to one on Saturday and one on Sunday this week, and have already weaseled out of Sunday's. I will probably go to Saturday's though.

Tomorrow: is Saturday and there is a birthday party at a friend's house 50 miles north of here. If you are between 30-50, a straight guy, not crazy or criminal, come with us, because my friend could use a nice guy for her birthday.

Never in my life have I: walked on ice, no way man.

When I was younger, I: walked everywhere. I still do, to an extent.

When I was 5: Damn. I wish I was 5 again. And let the clock stop there.

My life is not complete without: my sweet honey, our cats and dogs and purple house!

If you visit my hometown: email me!!!!!!! Then buy me a wee little beer.

The world could do without: nastiness.

If I ever go back to school: HA! I'd probably fail bookeeping, but bet I could learn drumming.


Anndi said...

Not even on ice skates?

You and your petite tastycake are such a cute and sweet couple!

Jessica said...

Yay! Cool learning more about you! I did one too! :) Neat that you live so close to Toronto!

jeannette stgermain said...

You have no recollection of....
now, that's where I can help you Gary....3 times a week of therapy for 14 years - that should do it!
but of course, psy. do make jokes too.
have a great party!

Lynda said...

Oh, Gary, I hate those cards falling out of magazines! *air kisses*

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

ooooph, Lynda, please, how about a little fist bump instead of the air kisses? but its true, those little cards can drive you NUTS!

redroomsalon said...

Never on the Erie Canal, not once did you walk on the ice when it froze over? Okay, so it wasn't across the street for you like it was for you, but still. For shame! There's a picture of my sister and I skating on it, and I remember you could see through the ice and see FISH! swimming around, like the ice was no big deal. And one year Lake Ontario froze over, well, maybe not all the way in the middle, but you couldn't get to it, because the ice was in huge vertical sharp sheets crushed against the shore, like a wreck of a ship, frozen in time.....and it was a cold family outing to see it, though very short. Drive to Hamlin Beach State Park, get out of the car, look at it, freeze, run back to the car, drive home.
Oh happy memories of snow and ice! Really, when you don't deal with it yearly, they become happy memories!
And phew, I can't stand it when people try kissing or hugging me either, as in if you're not intimate with me, then keep your hands and lips to yourself! I get all mixed-messagey when that happens. So I look forward to seeing you and your cutey in the future, and not having the awkwardness of half-hearted social hugs. Phew!

tt said...

if you were 5 Missus Tastycake wouldn't be with you....that would be sad....:(
**two-fisted air bump**