Wednesday, February 4, 2009

my wife the fashion plate, speaking of trashy gossip

The conversation goes like this, as the lady of the house puts on the coat, grabs the bag, prepares to catch the bus:

"I wonder how much I can say to you, it'll go on the blog."

::innocent look while secretly grabbing pen and paper:: he replies: "It's OK!" which means nothing, when you think about it.

She continues, perhaps unwisely: " Well, I took a tip from you today. Get your outfit out of the clean laundry pile. You know you'll like it, you just wore it the other day. Fast and easy!

:::::again, I put on my innocent face:::


Gordo said...

Laundry and dressers are overrated.

Lynda said...

She always looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Your wife is a very wise woman.

PS: I love the header with Penny and the bear!

g-man said...

I try to never put laundry away, I just lay it out for the next day(s).

That pizza looked great!! (from a couple of posts ago)

Your clam post had me thinking of soup coolers. I bet if you tossed theose little buggers in the freezer you could use them to cool soup and not ddilute the flavor any.

Second we have a "clam/calm" thing too. It is debris. we call it der-bis. (ie. Holy cow hon, I can see by the der-bis in the kitchen that you made cookies)

Jay said...

I have a great laundry system. Dirty clothes are in the washer and clean clothes are in the dryer. When the dryer is empty, just throw detergent into the washer and start it up. Works just fine.

Oh BTW, re: the post directly below this one. No disparaging of the amazing Kate Beckinsale will be tolerated. Anything she does fashion wise suddenly become acceptable simply because SHE is the one doing it.

Just thought I'd let you know about that little rule. ;-)

Linda Starr said...

Much better than taking the cleanest outfit from the dirty laundry pile which has been known to happen in our house - my Gary never has enough clean jeans.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I like Jay's system, Jay man, you're brilliant!

tt said...

I'm thinking Missus sweetcakes keeps you around for the entertainment

jeannette stgermain said...

in gest - I hope your wife clobbers you, as she reads this blog!!!

Susan as herself said...

Oooh, I hate putting laundry away. UGH. I say pile it!