Tuesday, February 3, 2009

paper hell

(Mister Rith in happier times)
Havn't seen me around much today, huh?
My wife is a bookeeper and administrator and now a student, so I suppose she lives with paper.
ME??? Bleh. But sometimes I have to. I remember the first (AND LAST) time I did taxes the IRS sent them back, correcting me on the fact that I did not have 3 children.
What kind of person enjoys paperwork and forms??????? Not me, and I spent the day getting a big stack of them done (the missus of course does taxes) and now I can start on the next 2 big messy paper projects I need to finish this month.

I sometimes imagine going to a community college and studying to be a bookeeper, just because it is SO NOT ME and would be a challenge to parts of my brain that are obviously underdeveloped.

SO, to all you people who work in offices, this Bud's for you, I admire you truly, and I shall hopefully soon get back to my easy life of making piggies soon.


Miss Heather said...

That is my life, normally. I'm the paperwork girl at our house!! And I'm already done with our taxes so yay!

Since I've been on forced work "hiatus" I haven't missed paperwork, bookkeeping, accounting or filing at ALL. :)

Maybe I was meant to make little piggies too. :)

Anonymous said...

I met my hubby between Christmas and New Years Day, we were engaged 2 months later, and he did my taxes that year (I was stressing over the 1040EZ, for cryin' out loud!). I've only done them once since then -- the year he was deployed. Turbo Tax is our friend.

cm said...

I figure working in an office keeps me in piggies. :-)

WheresMyAngels said...

I'm lucky that I don't have to work out of an office. I do occasionally go to the office to work, but I can do most of my paperwork from home. but at times I go to the office to get away from the kids. I HATE paper work and am glad that it is only part of my job.

~ Sil in Corea said...

A beekeeper keeps bees; a bookeeper keeps ___? Boos!
A bookkeeper keeps books. Yeah, I know it looks weird,- but I *am* an English teacher.

~ Sil ducks and runs............>