Thursday, January 1, 2009

le snowy day: with video for my southern friends

(the big house on the corner--gorgeous, and the wee little piggy I made and which hangs in my backyard, with the snowy woods and river beyond my back yard)
Has been most cold and snowy today. Went to a faboo little party and ran out of time for party number two. Considering I never go anywhere or do anything, this is a lot of socializing for me. The place where we went today for lunch was a HUGE sun-filled house with 4 cats who love me and wanted to come home with me.
Here is Missus Tastycake and Penny over at the park, for my warm-weather friends to view and shake their heads in wonder that it could be so cold and snowy and people can have so much fun.


Jay said...

Actually I'm kind of jealous. I love to play in the snow. I wish it snowed here much more than it does.

denis said...

i'm jealous too. you have so much more snow than us. here it is cold: -3 but feels like -17!


Anonymous said...

OM GOODNESS! I LOVE THAT HOUSE! That is the one I REALLY WAnt to buy! I also Love the one right next door the the post office. I know that is one of the oldest ones in Etna and has been under restoration for years.


Jason, as himself said...

Thank you. I will never complain about the heat here again. Ever.

Patricia Griffin said...


Barbara Martin said...

Gary, take care in the cold that you don't freeze your lungs if you run.

Happy New Year to you and yours for 2009. May your year be filled with good health and many happy customers.

Ice Pony Goddess said...

Crazy snow beagle.

Anonymous said...

Argh!! I can't make your videos work, not even going to YouTube!
Still, I enjoy the 2 seconds of action in the snow.
*sigh* I miss snow.