Sunday, January 18, 2009

wee little beagle babies

I have been spending the afternoon listening to football (hoping for an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl, but the Cardinals are interesting) and making this wee little beagle sculpture.
As I have said, I love mama-child sculptures, like piglets or puppies.
Penny, as a matter of fact, had been a stray found in a snowstorm, and she had evidently just given birth. Nobody ever found the puppies, nobody was ever looking for Penny, and she isn't telling the story. She's happy though, and an adorable little model.
(Penny and sculpture by Gary Rith)


Anndi said...


Can't wait to see them when they come out of the kiln!

And YAY for saving Penny!

We saved a couple of kittens when my daughter was a wee lass. Sadly we had to give them up because of allergies. Felt good to find a good home for them

Hilary said...

Aww that's so sad about Penny's pups. I'm sure glad she was a survivor though.

That sculpture is adorable.

Jason, as himself said...

I like seeing the step-by-step process.

I had two beagles growing up. I loved them.

Emily SIL said...

Thank you for adopting. Penny was meant to be your muse!

I adopted two seven-month-old kittens from a shelter one December, as a Christmas present to myself. Turns out the very day I adopted them, their foster caregiver came in to pick them up and said he'd have taken them to the pound the next day if they hadn't found a home. They've been with me ever since then, ELEVEN years. They are some of the dearest companions I've ever known.

"Ice Pony Girl" said...

Gary...I can't wait to see the finished mama beag & puppers.

Sad about Penny's puppies!!!

Barbara Martin said...

Penny looks so impressed in the last photo.

As to your query in Reb's post, we are having colder weather than there because WE don't get chinooks (warm ocean air over the Rockies). Only two places in the world get them (Alberta and Switzerland), and that means not here.

Anonymous said...

Cleopatra was a kitty all alone in the world, probably living off bird seed and slugs (according to the nice folks who found her, fed her, gentled her, and gave her to us).
I think she has always been grateful for a warm, loving home -- as I am sure Penny is, too! Pets give back to us so much more than we give to them.

Giggles said...

Priceless absolutely priceless!!!

Hugs Giggles

Can't wait to see them in completion!

Wep said...

They are both so cute :) The real and clay puppies!