Tuesday, January 13, 2009

boogies up the nosey? post 500 and we go to the dentist!

(me, my teeth and TESS)
"Oh, your gums look Mahvelous!!!" she says as I pull out the camera and click then she says
"A cleavage shot! That's going on the internet?"
I gag, spit, etc and reply
"Hey, have a look and delete if you wish" and Tess says
"Naw, its OK, lie back"
and she begins squirting my teeth with the super sonic water gun, then she keeps squirting and walks across the room
"See! I can hit your teeth from 6 feet!!!!!"

And my face.

Tess is a dental person by day, and I swear I am not making this up, a big pot potter at night. Her specialty is making and teaching BIG pots.
Dr Devenpeck was my dentist when I was in high school and college, and then I moved and HE moved and 20 some years later I land in Ithaca, HE lands in Ithaca and I have my dentist back in my new town, and he has a potter for a hygienist. You have to love Ithaca.

I have rocking good teeth, and a quick check of these pics shows I didn't have any boogies up my nosie either.

Old readers know that I maxed out my memory on the original blog after 24 months and a load of dumb pics back in September, with 3,333 posts. Just hit 500 with the new blog, in just four months....


Gordo said...

Cleavage AND teeth! Only you, Gary. Only you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

That yellow -- ow, my eyes!!

(No, I'm sure your teeth are white now... I was referring to your background color)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

So, apparently, you do not binge on powdered sugar and chocolate baking morsels? :-)

[Most readers won't get that, unless they keep up at my place. But, you know what I mean.]

Jessica said...

The most fun I've ever seen anyone have at the dentist! :) And how cool you and your former dentist ended up in the same town!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

well, I DO have 9-10 fillings, but all from my youth!
I like this yellow. phhhlllbbbt!

Ron said...

Gary you're cracking me up taking pics while in the dental chair. I've got to start carrying my camera out more.
I have good teeth too.
Floss,floss, floss.

Tink said...

The cleavage shot remark made me choke on my coffee. You have a really cool dentist. Mine just smells like onions all the time. :(

Anonymous said...

More fun than should be allowed! But that is our Gary ;)

Just Me said...

i would never attempt to take photos while having teeth clean.

I like the yellow as well. Better slow down on posts or your going to end up full again before year end.

I should count and even see how many posts I have.


Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

I thought that looked like Tess' cleavage! I go to her too.

Barbara Martin said...

Gary, it's nice you find humour in everything.

Anonymous said...

Seems like you've got a pretty wicked dental setup going. My guy was soooo disappointed when he saw my latest x-rays. I, too, have rockin' good teeth so there wasn't any work for him to do. ;) Mind you, I floss everyday without fail and brush twice a day. What a good kid.

Anonymous said...

Gary, you might possibly be the only blogger who blogs his dental visit. ;-)

Love it!!

Dez said...

I know why you blogged your dental visit! It's because you are so proud of your beautiful teeth! And I would be too! Kudos on a clean checkup! (The cleavage was just extra, right?) :)

Karen said...

I am wasn't sure one could max out a blog. Dentistry is scary.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

If Tess the hygieneist hadn't been cracking jokes about it, I would have cropped it out, but I thought it was funny!

KaiBlue said...

Wow..um, teeth, boogies, cleavage and a rocking good time!! lol.
I laughed that she can hit your mouth with spray at 6 ft away. That's a neat skill..Now, what to use it for...
Great post. Oh and love that Mickey won, he deserved it!
Peace, Kai n Dan

Anonymous said...

the cleavage made me think of celeste.

Anonymous said...

Hahahah! Cleavage! :-D
The photo of Tess working on your mouth reminds me of you working on your tiny animals. It's the picks!

Also glad Mickey won.

Hugs from Corea,
~ Sil
wv=coptan, what you do when you go to a summery beach?

Susan as Herself said...

I went to the dentist today too!

And that cat pic at the top o' the page is the BEST!!!