Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Deep Impact

(Morgan Freeman)
Everybody loves Morgan Freeman, like in The Shawshank Redemption and The Bucket List. In the murk of my wee little brain I realized that he had played president once and YEP, TEN YEARS AGO in Deep Impact. Was Hollywood getting America ready for next week????


Anndi said...

I LOVE Morgan Freeman.

Miss Heather said...

I feel the same way about 24. They had an African-American for a few seasons and I felt like, wow... I hope this happens someday. And now it has!!

Morgan Freeman rocks the house.

Emily SIL said...

I think Morgan Freeman comes the closest to having universal appeal. I had a boss--much younger than he, who resembled him, and he was flattered to be told that.

Love that closeup of Spikes hoppers!

Anonymous said...

Morgan Freeman is wonderful.

And I LOVE the header of Spike in total relaxation mode.
Now if only I had a faster computer (instead of it seizing up constantly -- which I blame on the kids playing online games-- then I might have a chance at keeping up with your constant posting!! :)

Dan n Kai said...

I love Morgan, he's such a groovy guy. He was in Ohio when then filmed the Shawshank redemption up in Mansfield Reformatory.
Mr Dan and I went ghost hunting there. (not with
peace, Kai

jezdez said...

My what a BIG cat you have. But, he does look sweet & pretty!

Just love Morgan Freeman! Some seem to think so, that these shows were getting America ready for next week; but I think these shows were just doing it for shock value and for ratings.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

He has also played God. Twice.