Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mickey and Me

(Mickey Rourke in better days)
I dreamt, and it was a long and detailed one, not about my dream hamster (where has it been lately?) but instead about going over to Mickey Rourke's house for dinner. Except he wasn't his handsome young self, he was his worn out wrestler self. Like in the movie, which I have not seen yet, but I am told he portrays brilliantly.
My pal Doves saw him the other day and wrote that he looks a little worse for wear...
So, in the dream me and Missus Lasagne go over for dinner and he is this humble, down and out wrestler, very entertaining but tired, but Missus Lasagne gets very ill with something at the table and she is off camera recovering at Mickey the poor wrestler's house, and so I spend the evening chatting with Mickey myself and he is a pretty great guy BUT ANYWAY...

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