Friday, January 16, 2009

billions and billions

Congress and the Senate have been debating funding for children's health insurance. FOR YEARS, and the programs they have passed were vetoed by W in recent years. How many little kids have gone without health care in these years? How many kids sick or dead?
MEANWHILE, at the drop of a hat, a huge bank gets 20 billion to merge with a brokerage. I would like to keep the economy humming along too, but does anybody else see how perverse that is? Poor kids aren't worth doodley squat, is that it?


cookingwithgas said...

counting the hours until he is gone-I can't believe the hell he has put this county through.
Let's hope the next 8 yeras improve.

denis said...

my thoughts exactly cookingwithgas!

ML said...

Hey, anyone who thinks waterboarding is NOT turture, wouldn't have much of a problem with letting kids starve to death while the banks get the bailout. Institutions are so much important than our future citizens, especially if they're poor and uninfluential. I can't understand the reasoning, if there is any, but that's the way it strikes me.
Actually, I think it's his compete lack of empathy and imagination.

Giggles said...

You make a brilliant I haven't heard yet! I take health care for granted here in Canada....but oh the children!!

Hugs Giggles