Monday, January 19, 2009

NOT an all-Pennsylvania Super Bowl

You have to love Kurt Warner. Iowan, nobody wanted him to play the pros, working in a grocery store, arena football and all the rest, and somehow he wins a Super Bowl a few years ago with the Rams. NICE! I remember during the playoffs, the commenters zoomed the camera in on his wife's sweater, and were momentarily speechless. (WILD SWEATER!)
Hard to believe the guy is still around. He's old, almost as old as me, and it was a good game yesterday, and what you love about football is that Green Bay or St Louis or what seemed like a team of nobodies from Arizona can go to the Super Bowl. And then get their a$$ kicked by the Steelers. (go ahead AZ, surprise me!)

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Anonymous said...

I am begging Arizona to surprise me. The Steelers? The team I love to hate.