Friday, January 23, 2009

Brad and me, twins seperated at birth????

I was noticing in ads for Benjamin Button, a dull movie according to some people, that the gorgeous and wonderful Cate Blanchette is riding a motorcycle with Brad Pitt. They look pretty sharp, in a retro-50s way: and he is wearing tortoiseshell RayBan Wayfarers, JUST LIKE MINE. I actually have 2 pairs.
Think about it: same shades, we're both wicked handsome, couldn't be a coincidence.
Back to the Cornell Pot Shop to work this afternoon and hang out and gossip with my pals. A week ago nobody was on campus, this week, 20,000 students and 10,000 employees buzzing around: its alive! I made these guys down below. I'll go back Saturday for more gossip and pottery.


Real Live Lesbian said...

Brad SOOOO copied you! Sexy!

Miss Heather said...

I'm loving the shades! And you totally look better than him. I'm a way bigger fan of yours than his!

As for Benjamin Button, it was definitely worth seeing. Long, yes. Pretty damn amazing, yes. :)

fiwa said...

Awww... you're much better lookin' than Brad. But don't tell him I said so, he's got a pretty fragile ego. ;)

Lynda said...

I just get ready to order something, then you show us stuff in the works and I have to wait and see if they're going in the shop, too, before I decide.

You are a STAR!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

You are so cuter than Brad. And Maude? Way cuter than Angelina. Way.