Monday, January 5, 2009

everybody's baking: tis a very recession thing to do, I think

(calzone and bread baked by Gary Rith)
Memarie Lane writes of the homebaked pizza and then Ron makes a stack of gorgeous breads.
Seems like there is a bit of a baking challenge going on, doesn't it????
I got pretty deep into the flour on Sunday, making bread and calzone. What you like about pottery is the same with baking: this morning you have a bag of clay (or flour!) and this afternoon you have a satisfying bunch of bowls (or loaves!) sitting on the table. It is that sense of accomplishment, working with your hands, that we all need.
(I should mention these are both vegan: that "cheese" there is soy, and that "sausage" there is!)


kate et jim said...

Looks good, Gary.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you mean to say... it is that sense of accomplishment, working with your hands, that we all KNEAD... ??

cookingwithgas said...

Oh we knead it alright- I have baked bread for 30 years, but fell out of it the last few. Just pick up a loaf at the store- quick and bread is better then it use to be. You can find good bread out there now.
BUT- you are right- I can't throw right now and bread is the substitute. I have a "sponge" going right now.

Gordo said...

I grew up on homemade bread. Wonderful stuff. I haven't been making enough at home, but when I do I use a bread machine to do the heavy work, then split it into two smaller loaves, let it raise and bake it in the over. The machine loaf is too big for sandwiches and always comes out with a rock-hard thick crust.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

rock-hard crust, holy cats!

Memarie Lane said...

I've always been a baker. Every year I make and sell about 200 pumpkin rolls do fund Christmas shopping. I didn't do it for 2008 though because (1) new baby and (2) nobody would have been paying $15 for a dessert in 2008.

soubriquet said...

Friends who have a pottery in the Aland Islands, (mid baltic sea, between sweden and finland) fire with wood in a slightly mutated version of a Fred Olsen Fast-fire kiln. They built a bread oven on the back of it to use the kiln heat during cooling. Wood baked bread.Mmmmm