Thursday, January 22, 2009

celebrity minute: 6 degrees of seperation from Kevin Bacon

(Rob Sedw!ck on the left)

(Kevin and Kyra)

Here at this blog we love Kevin and Kyra, we really do.
SO, yesterday I am reading the paper and see that Kyra's brother Rob has opened a vegan (non-dairy) ice cream shop in New York.
A bit pricey, but if like me, you can't have dairy, you say HOORAY! But wait, that's not the point. I email this to Denis, because we went to college with Rob, and lived in the same dorm and the same hallway. (I am sure we are not even the smallest specks in his memory but anyway) Rob, in the 1980s, before he started acting in the soaps and then later selling ice cream, was a handsome blonde god, as you might expect from Kyra's brother. I mean, he'd go around in a wife beater tee, blonde ringlets flying, chisled jaw clenched---you knew ONE DAY THIS DUDE WILL ACT IN THE SOAPS and sell fake ice cream.
So then Kyra marries Kevin, and I love this couple. She is the absolute prettiest, and he is just a neat dude. WELL, Denis tells me they went broke in the whole Madoff thing. You wonder if they might need a job, like selling fake ice cream?
OK, the ever popular game of six degrees of seperation from Kevin Bacon---Denis and I are very close.
Me > Rob Sedgwick > Kyra Sedgwick > Kevin Bacon. That is 3 degrees, and that is pretty darn close. Its like we are almost cousins, and I wonder if they'd all like to come over for Thanksgiving?


g-man said...

Hell Gary that makes you a star in your own right.

Lynda said...

Three degrees? Superstar! I love the pitchers in the header - gorgeous :-)

Jessica said...

LOL-That's pretty cool! You should go try his fake ice cream. It looks good. :)

Knight said...

Mmmm Fake IceCream! What's it called? Where do I find it?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

click the link, and head on over Knight!

fiwa said...

I love those jugs? Creamer pitchers? in the header.

That's a bummer that they lost all their money - I like them too. I've never actually seen that movie, I'm going to have to add it to my netflix.

Anonymous said...

That ice cream looks really interesting. And because I know you, does that make me and Kev/Kyra only 4 degrees apart? Hell ya it does! :)

Gordo said...

Whoo Hoo! That boosts me to four degrees! Way easier, too ... LOL

Anonymous said...

When I am in NYC next, I'm gonna definitely stop by the vegan ice place and have one of them cool flavors.

There is an Asian woman at the Ithaca Farmer's Market who bakes vegan stuff and its sensational with really interesting ingrediants. Check her out sometime Gary & Maude.

Glennis said...

Many years ago, my husband took our toddler son to the Seattle Children's Museum, and ended up playing together with Kevin Bacon and his child.

So sorry they were hurt by this.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, you're almost cousins with Kevin B, and I'm sort of cousins with that makes ...oh, heck, it's too late for me to think!!

darn ponsi schemes, or whatever they are called