Monday, May 18, 2009

Unitarians and me

(chalice by Gary Rith)

Arguing with a Unitarian Universalist is like mud wrestling a pig. Pretty soon you realize the pig likes it.

HA! Unitarian joke.
My buddies Maggie and Katie eloped to Connecticut in December and got married, and the full blown wedding is in a week or two in New York and it will be Unitarian of course and I was asked to make a BIG chalice as centerpiece for the ceremony. This thing looks superb I think, and will hold a big candle.
I have made communion sets for both Episcopalians and Lutherans and cups involved in Jewish ceremonies and 2-3 Unitarian chalices before. One of the ones before had all kids of animals on it, and another had turtles on it. This one is plain, and I had to fight myself to NOT put a piggy on it
Dreamt that I was in line all night waiting for a table at Ch!lis and I havn't been to a restaurant like that in years, and frankly, it seems like a waste of good dream time.

Here's Emily, helping me show off one of my Felix tees.


Jessica said...

Very pretty Chalice! :) And Felix tee. LOL I had a felix flip book when I was growing up--it was one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

hey the twisty chalice came out great... definitely a waste of good dream time.

Lynda said...

Gary, the chalice is beautiful... really, really beautiful :)

kate et Jim said...

Hey - Watchit now, my son works at Ch!li's! lol. Working, while going to college. I hate Ch!li's. Jim and I went in to bust on the kid and I figured...'how bad can it be'??? Well - I couldn't even get the fries down. It was bad - I can't eat food like that.

That is a lovely chalice, Gary. I'm sure Maggie and Katie will glean much joy from it. Beautiful, just beautiful. I love the way the light reflects off the rim - looks like you painted a touch of gold on it.

Wishing them much happiness!

Jay said...

Dreaming about going to Ch!lis? Man, you dream big, don't you? LOL

The chalice is beautiful.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Can you imagine spending the night waiting in line just to get into Chilis?

red dirt mule said...

WOW Gary -
that Chalice turned out gorgeous, absolutely GORGEOUS!!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

The chalice is stunning.

Dez said...

So, it looks like I have to come up with another word to describe your Chalice. It seems that all of my chosen words have been taken. Hmmm.... how about FABULOUS! I just LOVE it. I'm just imagining what 2 of those babies would look like on my table.