Sunday, May 10, 2009

big Saturday, NO camera

(BIG bowl, take my word for it, by Gary Rith)
OK, yesterday was super busy and super wonderful---2 galleries, 2 parties, dinner out, and HOLY CATS the camera was safe at home the whole time. :(
There's the paradox: I never do anything and so I take and post a lot of pics of nothing, but when I actually leave the house and do something fun I forget the camera.

Here is a long haiku about my glamorous weekend:

Late night, a partay
Next day early, dog hungry
Mother's day also

Coffee in a mug,
Kitten in my lap purring
Maude asleep in bed

Soon everyone up
Time to scour the bathroom,
Scrub the litterbox....


Anonymous said...

nice bowl... how big is BIG? I'm with you about the camera... when i take it nothing happens.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

What do you MEAN you post a lot of pics of nothing? You have the best pics ever. Pottery, animals, farms, food, and, best of all, the potter and his missus in Felix the Cat shirts (also in San Diego shirts)!

~From Mrs. Lambert

P.S. Why don't you like my imaginary husband? Even my real husband loves him.

Glennis said...


You guys look so cute!

Unknown said...

Indeed! I want to know just how big big IS! That bowl has gorgeous writ large all over it!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Big? I could SIT in this bowl. Or on it!

Anonymous said...

Now THATS a picture I think we all want to see!!! :-) Great bowl.

Anonymous said...

We need to see that bowl next to Spike so we can see how big it really is... because several of us are in LOOOVE with that bowl.
I'm guessing it would hold a mighty big salad, no?

Anonymous said...

You always say "you do nothing"......but I don't believe you!