Sunday, May 10, 2009


Tis true true true....

SO, I have been a stinking slug today, all day. Finally moving around a bit (after 3pm, with much of the day spent reading BOOKS IN BED WITH THE BEAGLE?????)
and fired the kiln, cleaned the cat box and floors and exercised and walked Penny twice and just made an apple cake and now gotta clean the bathroom then walk Penny again and make tortilla surprise.
I like to be busy, I like to get things done, I like to start early.
I am feeling a little less guilty for doing nothing all day, but I have a ways to go...


denis said...

you call that being a slug!!!

kate et Jim said...

Post Secret-

Sometimes I give my doggies a little massage. Straight down their legs to loosen up their muscles. Then I give them a big kiss on their nose - because I love them. I think they love me, too!


red dirt mule said...

i stayed in bed until noon.
i read books.
then i got up. i dusted. i vacuumed.
i NEVER dust and vacuum.
maybe i was channeling a little gary rith???
but then my kids showed up early, with a FULLY COOKED MEAL.
so i was rescued.
i feel thankful.
it was a good day.


ps. thanks for the postcard !!

Miss Heather said...

I LOVE Post Secret! I read their website every week and own all the books.... so I'm delighted you shared your own!! YAY!

Anonymous said...

I could give you lessons in truly doing nothing all day.

jeannette stgermain said...

but it's sooo good just to putter around all day! You still did plenty though:)

Linda Starr said...

how sweet.

Lynda said...

Mmm..I kiss my doggies, too... and reading all day is pure heaven!

ML said...

I can see I've been leading a very bad life all these years! Only trouble is, I'd hustle to do all the stuff you named, and THEN I'd settle down with dog, cat and book for a good read and snuggles and even, sometimes, shhh! a nap. And, if it's wrong to kiss your pets, I'm in REAL bad trouble. Even tell 'em I love 'em, too, right OUT LOUD!