Wednesday, May 13, 2009

FuturePrimative, Matt Grimmitt and someone's big AZZ

(pottery by Matt Grimmitt, soap by FuturePrimative, Matt's wonderful better half Tiggy)
I ordered 3 soaps from Tiggy because they are extraordinarily beautiful and then shortly after this beautifully drawn box arrives from England and it is full of SOAPS that are gorgeous and smell fantastic plus Matt threw in this mug, how lucky are we???? Please, click their links, go over and have a look, spend some money because they are probably the absolute coolest and most creative couple on earth. :) And nice too.

In other news, the missus heard that her amythyst ring had been fixed and was awaiting us at the jeweler so I pick up milady and WHY SAY its five o'clock and a good parking spot by the Chapter House, plus HAPPY HOUR??? Milady OWED me for the ride, I was thinking.
But look what was over my shoulder, some portrait complete with some frat showing their backsides, ewwwww! You go into a bar like Applebees at the mall and they have all this junk from garage sales pasted onto the walls. The thing you like about the Chapter House is that the junk is real junk, and old. Like, there's a boat on the wall. Various hockey team, sorority and frat pics. And then there's these dudes azzes. It seems like anybody who shows up with a picture can drill it into the wall. Or if you have a knife? Carve something like "UNH hockey sux"
Milady looks beautiful doesn't she?


Emily SIL said...

Does Cornell University have any co-ed fraternities?

fiwa said...

Awww... you and Missus Sweetbottom look so happy. :)

I love the hat you got her for Mother's Day! And also the new sort of squared off piggie mugs - I love that shape.

Hope you have a good week!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Popcorn = yum
dark beer = yummier
picture from 1975 of some guy's azz = Eeeeewwwwww!!

Sorry you had to suffer through that, but hey, you had a lovely date to spend time with. :)

Um, what is in that soap Maude is holding?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

there is LOTSA stuff in that soap!
Cornell does not have coed frats, but I went to Bennington college which had coed naked fraternities...

Anonymous said...

ah... my favorite tavern that i've never been to... you look truly outraged by the derriere shenanigans

Anonymous said...

I guess I am wondering ......why the Mrs. isn't drinking a beer. That place has great Bass on tap!

soubriquet said...

That looks like a truly excellent pub.......... Apart from the azzzzzzzzzzzzz...
Tig's soap... I've got some and I have to restrain myself from biting into it, it looks and smells so good. Those guys have a cool combo, soaps, plants, and pots.

I really want a beer. Right now.... sigh. I'll make a mug of tea instead, and go out for a beer tomorrow night.