Monday, May 25, 2009

BECKY JO is cool....

(All about Becky Jo...)
So, you know how you meet bloggers here and there, they find you, you find them. Becky Jo has been visiting this blog awhile, and you can visit her rather excellent blog yourself.
OK, here's the thing. It may not be unusual for a person to be a potter of course, but Becky Jo is a trucker by day, potter by night, and that is a first for me. I don't know if there are very many full-time truck drivers who also make gorgeous pots!
So, Becky Jo is a young woman from Iowa, married to Brian with 2 dogs and 2 cats and she lives in, if I am remembering correctly, in a round house.
Here is what she has to say about all this, plus a description of the pics above, and I am sorry if the order is a little confused...OOPS.
Read all about her:
" I only have one photo of myself on here (that I'm willing to share with the world). ;) I'm going to try to get some more up after my 'first' show next Saturday. Thanks so much for featuring me! I'd love to have more blog readers and fans on my blogsite... :)
April2nd028- This is my work truck, all shiny and clean on it's first day. I picked it up in Des Moines from the dealer and it only had 18 miles on the odometer!

Bisque003- This was my first 'order' for a friend of a friend plus a bunch of test cups for my first official round of glaze testing.

4.25001- I started doing funny things to the bottoms of cups.. I think it's called 'paddling'... taking and object and smacking a shape into the bottom. Funner (word?) than conventional trimming.

Crocks 001 and 004 - Successful glazes! I'm calling 001 "Bug's Ear" and 005 "Moon Dust".

Today 005- My first Chip Dipper that didn't crack and explode in the kiln. They're tricky. I sold this one to my neighbor, Jane. She gave it for a wedding gift to another neighbor.

Today 001- A bunch of bisque ware that is now glazed and will fire tomorrow for the show next weekend. This is the most bisque ware that I've had completed at the same time.. even more than Christmas last year. ;)

Feb 6th, 2008 070- Egads! That's me. My friend Kate and I went to the Iowa State Fair (a big deal in the midwest)... this photo was from the Skyglider. It was, seriously, 102 degrees out that day.. and of course, no breeze whatsoever."


Lynda said...

Becky Jo's work is gorgeous - absolutely love the spirals :)

Unknown said...

We share the same name : ).
I love her pottery. Very beautiful!

Reverend Awesome said...

I agree, Becky Jo is cool!
Your stuff is so awesome. Love the little friendson the handle. So sweet.

Anonymous said...

I love the spirals and the colours! Beautiful.