Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Funny how you suddenly find you have all these friends in Houston. A New Yorker like me might be a little surprised by that. But, for example, I shipped a stack of pots to Houston today to one nice lady, another nice lady in Houston is thinking about some bunny things and ANOTHER nice lady in Houston sez
"if you can do dinosaurs, can you try a red dragon or two? Like the cute statue here????"
and I am like
"yeah, I'll give it a whirl"
and so I did.
And I start to think
"man, when its cold and stinko here in the winter, my family should hit the road and go to HOUSTON which would no doubt be gorgeous...."

(pottery by Gary Rith: unfired dragon mugs and glazed dinosaur mugs)


Norah said...

love those dragon-y wings.... maybe you should make a dragon cocktail glass for some gimlet drinking?

Reverend Awesome said...

Awww. The little wings are so sweet!

red dirt girl said...

ohhhhhhh mannnnnnn! you are so right on, g-baby. I LOVE THE DRAGONS !!! All right, I'm calling them MINE as I type .... no matter what happens in the kiln, i've GOT TO HAVE THESE CUTE DRAGONS !!!!!!

WOW-EEE - you astound me. truly perfect!!