Sunday, August 23, 2009

music for very particular tastes

You start to float around youtube and discover intriguing sounds from the descendants of Spinal Tap. Who knew heavy metal would divide off into a million little subspecies? Your symphonic metal, your power metal, your thash, your numetal, whathaveyou. Then you have the German metal bands, the Scandanavian metal bands, and you even have...scarily enough, your Serbian metal bands.
SO, and I have played this before, you come across Poisonblack when you're trying to find Tom Sawyer by the band RUSH. Poisonblack's tune Rush. They are, it seems, some kind of death metal band from Finland. Or are they merely doom metal???? Sounds good though, and the videos feature the usual scowling demons singing and playing while gorgeous women do witchy things....

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