Sunday, August 9, 2009

what a CLICHE!!!!

OK, so we drive beautiful country roads on a nice summer day and I spy:
-over 70 horses on
-over 5 horse farms
-countless multi-colored cows (no pigs though)
-and one Audi TT convertible

Holy shirt I love that car. I want to strip nekkid and climb inside and ....

and so I realize? A minute ago? Guy in his mid-40s, convertible sportscar????
No. I am having no midlife crisis. But what is it about dudes in their 40s suddenly falling in love with German roadsters????? With cloth tops?????

Dig the missus digging the pizza I made. I forgot that I had already dumped jalapenos on it when I added two spoonfuls of hot chili-garlic sauce.


Giggles said...

Like girls....BOY JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!! Plus they worry about the sex runnin out!!! lol

Hugs Giggles

Anonymous said...

We need to be neighbors!

Reverend Awesome said...

That's a car anyone would love.
You know the Germans, they always make good stuff!

red dirt girl said...

we had pizza too, tonight!! with lots of garlic - yummmm and safe from vampires and stuff.

make my mid-life a red muscle truck, circa early '60's with white bumpers ... ohhhhh yeeeeaaaaahhhhh baby!


Miss Heather said...

There's nothing wrong with a mid-life crisis as long as it's a hot little car you crave! I'm sure M is fine with that!! :)

And man... that pizza is giving me heartburn just THINKING about it!! Tasty but SPICY!!!

Jason, as himself said...

Ahhhhh and mmmmmmmmmmm.

Jude said...

Could have been worse could have fallen for one of the horses!!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Oh, I adore horses and 1960 red pickups.....

ML said...

I've always had a huge yearning to own a `1950's MG3. A darling little 2-seater which CAN carry two more in the back, provided they have a very close relationship. There is no seat and it's just a very tiny box they can crouch in, if their real chummy and a wee bit crazy, too.

TCraw said...

If you come to visit I will let you drive my silver boxster. It is a dead sexy car and everyone should drive one once before they die... it corners like the cat's bollocks.

(whatever that means...)