Sunday, August 23, 2009

sh!rtless Saturday and le fame und le fortune

I know what you're thinking---dude looks awfully
a) scrawny, or were you thinking fat????
b) fuzzy
c) PALE!
I chase the wife around with the camera all the time and she grabs the camera yesterday while I am cutting the grass. I am like
"do I really want to post this shot?" and the little devil on my shoulder says
"why not? give the people something to laugh about".

I'll get to Nance in a second.

But first, let's talk fame and fortune.
a) About dot com seems to be doing an article on me and cookie jars (examples below) and you have to imagine that might bring in a few new customers

b) I get this email from somebody saying I am a featured pottery blogger on Clayzilla
and I reply back
"Thanks! I should try to be better behaved! Naw. This is great, now what is clayzilla actually????"

c) one of my good pals from California, Stacey, held a drawing to win her painting and I WON!!! I am a winner!

OK, back to the pics here.
We went up to Nancy's new gallery and delivered some pots and she is so saucy, look at the look on her face, peeking under the price tag on my newd dude's chip and dip, and then, of course, on the way out of Groton is the ice cream caboose, and even though I CANNOT eat dairy, the wife sure does....holy cats, that big thing was the SMALL.


Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

My shop and Maude look great- I look a bit robust (thanks to the Ice Cream Caboose)!
I always enjoy seeing you two!

SLADE said...

Dude, that's one serious farmer's tan!

gary rith said...

I know. I stay out of the sun.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I have one word for you: SUNSCREEN.
I hope you used it. :0
Congrats on the features.

Anonymous said...

amigo... congratulations all the way around, are you sucking in your gut during that photo?

Jay said...

Pretty soon Shirtless Saturday is going to lead to you're participating in Half Naked Thursday. ;-)

Gallow said...

Congratulations on the article about you in the About dot com. May I have your autograph?

Jen Mecca said...

GROTON! NO...where is the place? When we drove through I did stop at a shop to buy a star for the front of our house but I did NOT see a gallery shop! I want to meet his lady..I'd love to have my work in a shop in Groton. You know I grew up on Main street! How do I get in touch with her?

Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

Jen- go to
I'm easy to get in touch with!