Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Spike, Emily and Mickey: back in the saddle again

(Spike and Emily cat, and my kiln, code named Mickey, showing its guts)
So, 2:30 am and I awake wondering what the news is, and so I can't sleep and I blog and then I go down and start glazing----at 3am. NOPE, in all my potting years, never started work at 3am. Finished working on glazing ducky cuppies around 8:30. I am doggone tired and hungry. If you have breakfast at 3, then lunch seems appropriate at 8:30. here's a little prayer for a good firing, because Mickey has now had 3 major surgeries since breaking down a month ago. Nothing like a BROKEN KILN DURING THE CHRISTMAS RUSH. Thanks for nothing, Mickey. Well, I replaced the elements, that didn't work, so I ordered wires and connectors and replaced that and it didn't work, then I just rec'd a relay (see black box in pic) and dangit, Mickey is singing with joy and did a first firing (bisque--1800 degrees) yesterday on this load, and is now plugging along with a glaze load.
There is nothing like a guy who is NOT an electrician or kiln repairman (ME) who crosses his fingers and repairs his is scary stuff indeed---there is a lot of juice going through those wires and you want to get it right.
So, you know, a little prayer for Mickey and me.


Anonymous said...

Go, Mickey, GO!!!

I love that you named your kiln.

And I had a day that started early (albeit not THAT early) last week.

Baseball Mom said...

WTG! Mickey. Now get to work, you are way behind on your work since deciding to take an unapproved vacation.

3 is way to early. Sounds like an early night is in store.


Aleta said...

I'm glad Mickey is working and good for you! Saying a prayer and hoping the Christmas rush brings plenty of fulfilled orders!

Farmer*swife said...

Hey, Santa wanted those Santa mugs ready by Friday.

Just so you know.

(You totally have to do a round bellied with beard and twinkle eye Santa mug! Totally! I'm telling you they'd sell like Hot Cakes here and on Etsy!)

I too was a 3:00 a.m. blogger. But, you are two hours ahead of me so we missed in the passing.

Happy Kiln Day!

Karen said...

God Bless Mickey.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Sending one up for ya!

Reb said...

That is early, wow. Well now that Mickey is all rested up, he should be set for some time.

Anonymous said...

I notice Emily cat is none too happy about being behind Spike in the picture.

Susan as herself said...

I am wishing on a Chicago star that Mickey is healed!!!