Sunday, November 30, 2008

le open studio, day one going into day 2

(Pots in the studio in the purple house by Gary Rith)
Open studios are always a lot of fun, and I was surprised yesterday by visits from several strangers. There is nothing like people visiting you and telling you how great you and your work are ;^)
I tidied up the studio quite a bit. Whereas the fall open studios, I organized by item: teapots here, bowls all over there, mugs in one spot, this time I divided by animal: the elephant section, zebra section, pig section, doggy section etc.
Opens up again at 11 and I will get a lot of work done today too, more throwing, more little anaimales and more mother and piglet sculptures (YES, I love sow and piglet sculptures, see below, and puppies and mamas too...)
Cleaned the studio yesterday, must clean the rest of the house this am....


Fortune Cookies said...

I just want to live in your studio, absorbing as much creativity from you by osmosis as I possibly can! I wish I was a talented enough artist to make a living from my art! sigh...You ROCK!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Thanks Cookie! Can I adopt you as one of my numerous and far flung cousins?

Fortune Cookies said...