Friday, November 28, 2008

God, guns and greed

Greed? I feel most greedy. I covet some sleep. This is not noble of me. YES, I am happy to drive the missus to meet her bus, headed to Manhattan at 6. But the reason I am most greedy for sleep is that there was a rather serious house fire across the street last night. We were awakened around 10 by flashing lights and sirens REALLY close by. A look out the window confirmed that the owners of the blue house who are are good friends of ours, were standing in the yard looking quite fine and safe, and other neighbors out there too. I figured nobody needed me in my PJs out there too. There were four firetrucks, one or two tankers, and an ambulance. They had the scene lit up bright as day and it was NOISY. The house didn't look on fire, and it is still there today. I suspect a kitchen fire or one in the fireplace chimney. But there for the grace of God go all of us. I may be sleepy, but my house is OK, and I hope theirs is too.

We live in a tiny hamlet five miles from a small city, but surrounding us is the countryside full of normally happy and healthy deer. There have been shots all month out there. A family drove by me yesterday with a big buck tied to the top of their minivan bleeding down the windshield. They had to use the windshield wipers to clear the blood off the window to drive.

(mug by Gary Rith)


Fortune Cookies said...

I'm focusing away from the murdered deer and instead on that wonderful coffee mug! if I had such a mug, every morning would be the brightest morning of my life :)

Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

I got stuck behind some "Yahoo" with one on a trailer behind his car the other day! It always amazes me how these twits like to parade carcasses around like some sort of trophy. I HATE HUNTING SEASON! I can't wait for my neighbor to hang a couple from the tree in his front yard again this year.

Gordo said...

I'm glad your neighbours are ok, Gary. The hard part with a house fire is getting the smoke out of belongings. Ugh.

cookingwithgas said...

Fire is terrible- having just gone through lossing our main work building to a fire caused by lighting in july I can tell you the smoke and water do a lot of damage.
Another potter here lost everything last Saturday night- building, wheels, pugmill and family pet.
I hope you will check on your neighbors to see they are in good shape- then take a nap!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

omg!!! So sorry about that fire!
My neighbor's car is in the drive so they either spent the night in the house or at another neighbor's.

brodie said...

I truly hope everything works out for your neighbour.

I'm sorry to ask but is this an american thing? - tying your kill to the car? I live in rural ontario where hunting is not a part time gig, it's a way of life for many. I've held a license for 22 years and have yet to see an animal slung over the hood of a truck. Not looking for a debate, as I'm sure many will disagree with my choice to hunt, but I've always respected the animals and the forests that I'm blessed to find myself in from time to time. And always, always respected the people around me who do not wish to see the results of my hunt. There is a reality of transportation and proper handling before butchering but nobody has to have it "paraded" in front of them.

And I prefer to say "God, guitars, and guns", but that's just me.

Patricia Griffin said...

Oh, so sorry about the fire. Glad nobody was hurt!... I grew up in a hunting family, but (like Brodie above) never ever saw the weird windshield scene. That almost sounds like they picked up road-kill or something like that. it would make for a very memorable movie scene though, wouldn't it? Sure is sticking in my little brain right now. Get out! Get out!... Hope your day gets brighter and brighter.

Gordo said...

I'll echo brodie's sentiments as well. Displaying your take on the vehicle isn't done here, either. That's what a tarp is for.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I don't want to eat meat or hunt myself, and I wish hunters went to far less populated areas, but compared to factory farms a deer or trout is out there living the good life until one day WHAM! It was the blood streaming down the windshield that got my attn. in this case.
Turns out the fire was a chimney fire which a 6 year old neighbor looked across and saw and said to his parents 'hey, lookit that!!!' and so the calls were made and folks brought to safety and the fire stopped before it became too damaging.

Hilary said...

I don't 'get' hunting at all, but unlike when I was younger, neither do I feel the same intolerance for those that do - except when it's someone like you've just described. That's an obscene display of disrespect for the animal and life in general. I am always uncomfortable with the thought of hunting, but I do understand that a good hunter/angler shows respect for his/her surroundings, the animal and other people.

I hope all is well with your neighbours. What a horrible experience for them.

Anonymous said...

We have the same issue.......and frankly I can't stand it. There are a plethora of deer up here (and if you drive at night your bound to meet up with one). But, when I drive to work in the morning and see trucks parked on the Mt. Pleasant Road it makes me sick. There are so many shots, I do not allow my daughter to play in the yard this time of year.

It all makes me sick.......I'm really saddened to hear their is hunting near you...WTF???

Tracy said...

Gary, glad the fire wasn't TOO bad, we worry about fire too, in our old tinderbox of a house.

And I despise hunting season. Our dog wears an orange vest for months and we are all forced to wear that very unflattering color when we go out for our daily walks. And we ALL get a bit freaked out when we see deer carcasses hanging from the tree in the neighbors yard down the road.

ML said...

The mug not only is such a medley of wonderful colors, but that wee reclining piggy has such a come- hither smile, it's irresistible! And now, if I may, please, a brief word on the subject of deer hunting from another viewpoint, though. Would you rather they suffered from hunger and died of starvation? The fact has been established that were it not for hunters keeping the deer population to a manageable number the forests and farmers' fields could be pretty nearly stripped bare each winter. And many do enjoy venison on their tables, although I, personally, do not care for it, but, knowing what I do about hunting, having had a family who hunted and ate what they killed, it's not really a matter of eating Bambi. Now don't go pointing fingers at me, please. There is much to be taken into account on both sides. I don't like it, but do think it's necessary. And, somehow, I'd rather not think of anybody, or any creature, dying of starvation in this land of gracious plenty. And if I were given the choice, I do think I'd rather be shot than starved.

kate et jim said...

Ah - Mary Lee always has a good point. The only thing I really hate about hunting is the 'display' factor. That was totally uncalled for with the bloody windshield. And agree w/ Gordo about 'tarps'.

I find it despicable that little children have to be exposed to that sight.

A deer was hit in front of our neighbors house last year and the guy just drove off, leaving it to die. Our neighbor came home and quickly pulled it off into the woods across the street so his 7 yr old daughter didn't have to see it.

I'm glad everything is ok w/ the neighbors.

Anonymous said...

I could deal without the vision of the minivan... I bet those kids were scarred for life.

We see deer daily this time of year and I love to watch them grazing. Sadly, many this time of year can be seen dead on the side of the highway. My dh is always looking out for them when he drives his commute in the dark mornings.

Remind me to blog the Shel Silverstein poem SnakeMaster has chosen to illustrate and read for his class poetry assignment.

And thank you for ending your post with a piggy mug picture!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...


Deer blood on the windshield?!

I'm staying in the city where I belong!